Workplace Communication, Information and Induction

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Effective communication is essential to ensure workplace productivity and enhances business performance.

Online Induction

Why Online?

The Business Savvy online induction program is available wherever there is an internet connection 24/7.

Effective workplace induction is required for every new employee and contractor at each and every worksite.
This can be an onerous task and it is essential that induction is completed on every occasion at every site in a consistent manner.

It is only when a uniform and consistent induction program is delivered that the employer can be sure that their legal obligations are being met effectively. Using an online delivery system ensures consistency and uniformity of delivery.

Take advantage of the Business Savvy online induction process to protect your business and make your human resources management easy.

Corporate Conduct

Employers have a duty to provide information about the standards and behaviours that are required of all people in the workplace. This site is designed to assist employers, employees and contractors understand the workplace standards required at their workplace.

Business Ethics – Privacy Act – Trade Practices Act – Information Technology – Confidentiality

This site assist employers communicate the required corporate standards to employees and contractors.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Workplace bullying and harassment can have a negative impact on the work environment. Workplace bullying has been connected to:

Safework Australia reports a 70% increase in the number of workers compensation claims [often for psychological injury] over the last 3 years

Around 5000 – 6000 complaints are made each year in NSW and Victoria respectively every year.

22% of mental stress claims were classified as work related harassment &/or violence or workplace bullying and 21% were due to exposure to workplace violence.

Workplace bullying cases cost employers on average $17,000 - $24,000 per case.